3min Fever

Never got the chance to complete the baby sampler. Fustrated that I cound count the stitches wrongly despite my several attempts to count, back-track and re-count. So what did I do? Went straight to the nearest Kikki and got my unborn little one a “My Baby Book”.

It’s a cool book. Allows me to place all the various scans and detailing the special moments of his life by leading questions. I was totally intrigued when I wrote out his full name for the first time.

– Elijah Sng Yushin, 孙庾信 –

I am still contemplating to bring this name for some chinese fortune telling. Though I seriously doubt the outcome matters.We are so damn used to calling his nicky – Eli and hearing the full sound of his chinese name.

So now that I am settling with writing about me & uncle markie on this baby book, I am in desperate need of coloured pens. Shall visit the nearest Popular later & see if there’s any gorgeous stickers that I can get to put on the book.

Ah…loving Fridays.


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