Home Bumming?!

I have been bumming around home lately. Refuse to do any productive work. Refuse to start reading ‘nutritious books’. Just wanna slack all day at home & watch the clock go tick tock tick tock. Now that I am only days away to school re-open. The panic DNA in me is screaming. The lazy side just wants to ignore & still continue slacking. Amazing.

Then how I whilst the past week away apart from slacking & surfing the net?

Surprisingly, I still got parts of my media project done. Made lots of calls, do up plans, discussions, blah blah…& also go for classes…hahahahaha

I even managed to spring clean up my house, re-pack all the clothes + get things packed for Eli’s future arrival. In the midst of all still cooked up a storm almost every other night for Uncle Mark. Can’t believe that I am such a good housewife. Was so proud of myself for being able to whip out new dishes every other day. According to Uncle Markie, my dishes wont that bad…hahahahaha but I did deliver a superbly failed attempt at cooking black beans chicken wings where the wings were undercooked though it looked super cooked.

Indulging myself in pampering treats finally no longer took a back seat the last week. I actually, finally picked up the bloody phone to make an appointment for a pre-natal massage. It was seriously FANTABULOUS! Regretted not starting earlier. I now know why my aches never go away despite much massaging from Uncle Markie every night. Because there’s no experts to help rub my whole body (exclude tummy) & be confident in pressing the right pressure points to help relieve all the sickening pains & aches. Can’t wait for the next week’s massage appointment. Totally looking forward.

Managed to incorporate time for facial. It became more of a catch up session with all my beauticians. Gosh…considering that I am their long-time customer (hahahaha been going there since they opened like 8 yrs ago), they seriously were so freaking excited for me & told me how they seen me grow over the years. It was really scary to know that these gals actually saw me through my uni days, my marriage period, moving house period, even through my cyst removal period & my numerous uncountable job changes till now…having a baby. The fact that they remembered everything that I told them…it was totally amazing. They even tell me what to look out for when giving birth and all. It did not help when they said I looked totally about to pop & my tummy moving lower…got scared for a moment that I will deliver on that spot. Then again, it was a happy & relaxing moment with all the chi-chat & extra care + inccessant amount of fluids served to me.

Ooo and of course visiting Eli again via scan. He always surprises me each time I go for the check up. This time, my weight gain was too rapid. 2kg in 2 weeks. NOT A GOOD SIGN. Turned out that Eli’s weight had doubled. From 1.2kg in week 32 till now 2.6kg in week 34. WOW. He is drinking the amiotic fluid in my tummy rapidly enough. Knowing that he is big enough to be born like NOW…I am actually quite happy. At least any signs of pre-term birth wont be a super small size kid that I will be scared of to even touch. Just pray that his organs are well-developed enough. 🙂

Heard amazing stories from Sally & Ellen during our short meet up. Impressed by Sally’s sis who just gave birth recently. The drama is amazing!!! hahahaha Subset’s India stories were also fascinating. All the jumping of train, sleeping in bunks, gate-crashing a Goa wedding & all. Superb experience & adventure.Totally triggered my travel genes to just escape to somewhere out there! It was a good meet up and catch up session. Hope that today’s meet up with Tzi, Hua, Brin & Ash will also be a great one. It’s been seriously a super long while since we last met. We seemed to meet more often in the past. Guess now that I am preggy…its tough. Today will be venturing into Holland V. Now that I am so huge, I seldom go to such places anymore hahahaha I seemed pretty confined to the NEL places. SADZ.

Anniversary is coming up. Tml actually. Unfortunately Uncle Markie will be busy at work. Nonetheless, we will be celebrating with our delayed ‘tang yuan’ des sert and my kick-ass variety show.  Can’t wait! Have missed quite a few episodes already. Upset that the uploaders are not in town but they need a breakie too right? Hmmz…

This weekend will be another whirlwind of spring cleaning. This time at my mum’s place. Have to ‘welcome’ the sickening COURTS pple who freaking cannot get a simple delivery address right & of course tidy and clean the room up in preparation for my confinement.

3 more weeks to go. Am hanging in there as best as I can. I am sure Eli can’t wait to come out soon. He has been squirming massively almost every hour these past few days. It’s as though telling me “Mummy, BEWARE…here I come! WHEE!” (-_-)”

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