How Can This Be?

1st Debelief: Sch starts tml. Can’t help but feel that I have wasted this whole hols away doing nothing super productive.

2nd Disbelief: Amazed to learn so much through lunches & tea times with so many of my friends. Everyone leads a really interesting life! It’s just great to take time to learn more and hear their storiesĀ  despite their busy schedule. LIKES!

3rd Disbelief: Eli’s potential -day has been brought forward. Totally confirmed today at the gynae. My happiness is indescribable. When I first found out that Eli doubled his weight in 2 weeks from 1.2kg to 2.6kg, I was quite petrified. Now that I am just hitting the 35weeks mark, Eli is at 2.7kg (think his weight has significantly stabled) but my gynae has advised that looking at my frame, its best to deliver as early as I can so 16-Jan will be the day he meets the world! Only good news out of this visit?! My pregnancy is huge so meaning that I have a big placenta, thick umbilica cord, lots of amiotic fluid which will all be taken out once Eli is born – aka bigger weight loss. Then comes the sad part. I will have tons of excess skin around my tummy which I will need to find ways to tummy tuck them. GOSH! Well, with it the only benefit is I have to get 1 week of hospitalisation leave to bed rest myself b4 delivery. How exciting?!

4th Disbelief – Rusty Brain. Really cannot leave your brain un-used for a while. Things inside get rusty and totally unused. Sighz. That’s what I feel now that I am working on my media project. Lots of uncertainties & doubts. Fortunately I am not doing this alone. Will totally bang my head against the wall. KNS


It feels so good to just sit at home & type this blog entry with a great cup of ice-cold oolong tea. okz…randomness!


One thought on “How Can This Be?

  1. Oooo 16-Jan! Nice. And 1 week HL prior to that. Haha if only your gynae can give you from now till then…that would be nice. I assume everything’s in placed already! Yay about 18 more days before we meet your little prince.

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