Settling in

Chinese new year is here!!! Though there’s not much mood this year, it’s been quite a huge change in adjusting to taking care of a little one.

Thanks to uncle Markie who is able to take 2 weeks leave to help out w the confinement. Though basically e main task of feeding is still me since I am bf…it’s good to have someone to share e changing or pacifying e kid…cooking meals for me while I conc on fulfilling Eli needs.

I am just worried about e weeks approaching without uncle mark…it means I only have myself to rely on. Only at night will I have my mum and uncle mark to help take care while I catch a wink.

Confinement can really b boring since I only have Eli to talk to most of e time if am left alone. Apart from him crying massively…it does get pretty lonely. Glad to have iPhone around to entertain while I pump or bf Eli in e sanctuary of my room. Soon it will be Eli’s 1 month old celebration. Still pondering over what should we do. I am thinking of inviting close friends and family but some have different thoughts and seriously want to expand to many people. Talk bout budget constraint here!

Nighttime is fast approaching. Really hate e nights as Eli does not cooperate in e feeding and drinking of milk process. He totally likes to bring e house down every time he opens that mouth of his.

Can’t wait for e confinement month to b over. I really do want to go out of e house looking decently decent. Now I just feel half naked all e time due to e need to bf and keep e milk coming.

To uncle mark: here’s to celebrating our monthly versary! *clink* fake wine glasses and lots of soiled nappies!



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