How are We progressing?

As we progress steadily into the 3rd week, Eli is fast growing. At least he managed to finally weigh past his birth weight at 3Kg (the last we measured yesterday at the doc).

Yesterday was a super fruitful trip to Thomson Medical. First, I had my stitches removed. Spent close to $900 on my medicine alone. Totally got a shock when about to pay. Uncle Mark brought Eli down to the Pediatrician to see what exactly caused his disfigurement. Yes. Eli now has tiny bumps of red marks across the whole of his face and due to it spreading like wild fire, I decided that the doc must take a look. Despite us knowing already that that could be baby acne. I was still adamant to at least have him diagnosed properly. Just in case it’s other forms of rashes that we do not know. Sighz. Talk about hormone changes. So Eli clocked up a $100+ bill as well. Making our visit at least $1k blown off in mere seconds. (of course that does not include the fact that I went t buy a laptop shortly after that. Oopz, ake that splurging off close to $3k in just 4hrs). SIGHZ

Uncle Mark is filling the strain though. He has fulfilled his job as a confinement nanny in the past 2 weeks. Tml he will resume his blue collared worker job and I think secretly he will be happy with the ‘freedom’ that comes along with it. Afterall it’s tough to be confined with me in the house (my parents’ place) eating home cooked food for so many days. He is an unhealthy kid and such a healthy lifestyle totally dis-fits him. Sad case. Well, I still appreciate him feeding and cleaning Eli at night especially Eli has recently mastered the art of ‘shit projectile’. He is now able to shoot his liquidy poo across a long distance of ‘100m’ -which ended up us cleaning 2 uncle mark’s shorts, my dress and changing the crib’s bedsheets as well as cleaning up the floor. As he has done that twice, we sort of innately think he LOVES doing it. Just to spite us and show us that he can. KNS. Anywayz, uncle mark has been quite a patient father (just swearing in his heart several times).

Also, his enormous appetite scares me off. Just this morning considering that we feed him about 60ml at 5.30am, he is able to clamour for more milk at 6.30am where he drank off another 60ml. Waking me up at 8am, he actually wants more milk where he obviously suckled (coz I had no time to run downstairs to heat up the expressed milk for him) for close to 15min before willing to fall asleep. At this rate, my supply can never hit demand. Soon I might have to return to supplementing with formula milk. To think that I was so impressed with myself the other ay that I can express at least up to 4Oz now at each pumping session of 10min. Seriously, looks like I am rejoicing too soon.

Next up, planning Eli’s 1-mth celebration. Now that I got the venue booked and the date/time fixed. It’s time to send out the invitations – via sms/facebook! Yippee! And next week onwards, I will finally get the massage lady. My poor aching shoulders.



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