Series of Laptop Crashes

I know that confinement period means a period of time to really take good care of your newborn. Giving him/her your total, undivided attention. However, as the days progress and when day/night seriously gets into a routine of feeding, pumping, changing diapers and all over – genuinely, days get boring and time is a blur.

So obviously, I turned to technology to help me pass the days. Especially when I am left alone with the kid for the full day. Then that’s when lightning strikes. My trusty (or used to be trusty) netbook – Aspire One decided to fail me on times when I most needed him. Followed by uncle mark’s laptop which seriously refused to boot up when my sacred finger touches the ‘on’ button. Miraculously, when uncle mark’s hard long index finger touches the ‘on’ button, the computer totally lights up in glee and delight. Total piece of @#$(@#!

Then came the craving of getting myself a new book. Using my about-to-spoil iphone (the button has decidedly malfunction on me as well), I decided that I am going to get myself an ultrabook. GOSH. This Asus ZenX31 not only proves to be gorgeous, as I am typing on it now (yes! I actually went all the way to century square, carrying Elijah after the doc appt to get it. Talk about tech addiction); it’s totally sleek and proved worthy of my investment of SG$1.7K

Now, I am able to blog freely, watch my videos freely, play music for Elijah (yes, albeit another excuse but hey…it’s an legitimate one nonetheless) and work on my media project which is thankfully ending today.

What will I do without the internet world and the various tech discoveries that link me to that world full of entertainment and knowledge.

Love my Zenbook. Totally rocks!

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