Growing up

Happy to b here, in this world!

I self declare to b a 3-week old rascal w pimply chub cheeks! Attitude is my middle name and I love to expand my lungs capacity whenever I poo or trickle. Nothing beats letting my neighbors hear my ability and gorgeous voice. Especially at 11pm to midnight. Oh, my fave timing! But I wonder why my dad is so adverse to my ‘singing’.

I love my parents as well! Just today, i showed what a great angel I was when my mum did her massage. I stayed cool and slept 3/4 way b4 I decided to partake some of her attention. That’s when I saw her flustering in glee. How great is my mum! Glad to play on her anxiety! She had to scurry to find me food and change my diaper…woohoo! I am king! Did I mention that I have a whiny mum? Haha she is always whining bout my looks, my behavior blah blah. It’s all right. I always respond w my ‘death stare’. (please see attached image). Nonetheless, I believe I love her w all my puny heart! (despite liking my dad more, teehee!)

My newest hobby? Doing some projectile sprays on my cot. I actually prefer to co sleep w my parents. Just that daddy always retreat me to e same old position on my bed. Think he is afraid I will dirty the bed. But e cot is always so warm; at least where I slept! I overheard them talking once about training me to be independent in sleeping. Then they forgot. I can only sleep when someone carries me in his/her arms. Independence? Nah! Tell me that word again few years later. Now I prefer to smell and lean against body heat. More comfy and they have to sway or sing me to sleep too! More work for them, twice my comfy! Wahaha!

Despite all that, I do think my mum and dad loves me. Right daddy and mummy?

P.s: daddy and mummy, please note that there are more to come! I haven display my full power!

Us: of course we love u. (e best we can at least… and btw, we are still entitled to whine about all your rascal ways and habits!) Grrr!!!


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