Raising a Smart Kid?

News Flash

As per the news in Today paper, a simple test can identify if your toddler will fall behind their peers later in life.

How? Just check & ensure that your toddler can use these 20 words by the age of 2. They are: Mummy, daddy, milk, juice, hi, hello, no, ball, cat, dog, nose, eye, show, banana, car, hot, thank you, shoe.

By right, they should already know up to 50 words by age of 2. Apparently, the study mentioned that toddlers lacking in speech tend to lag behind peers in vocab, grammar & reading ability at age 17.

Does this mean that I have to start training Eli now to be good in English? And to think that I even want him to be multi-lingual…sighz…max Kiasuism syndrome striking…


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