Long Procrastinated Photobooks!

Ok. Prior to giving birth, I wanted to embark on this project which I coined as “friends for life”…featuring my JC buddies in a whole series of pics in a photobook (yup, I am photobook crazy…someone should offer me a lifetime membership…just like my obsession with clean & clear products). So that never took off.

I basically did some ground work like compiling all the images into 1 folder & saved it in my hard disk. That’s bout it…so now that I need to complete the KR trip photobook which I have delayed for a year…I realised that I am so far behind on that project.

The initial purposes of doing that book were to celebrate International Friendship Day in 2011 + intro to Eli all the various aunts that he will soon to get to know better & the cam-whores in us when cameras of all sorts were still the ‘in’ thing. I will never know how tech progress that in the future. Maybe instead of looking at 2D photos, if you do want to reminisce, all you need to do is use your mind, set off some neurons and ta da, conjure the memory in full film right before your eyes! And, if I do get some form of dementia (touch wood), my trusty photobook can also be a trigger point in the future…

Anyways, I have decided to continue with the project and hopefully by the end of my maternity, churn out the books & move on to doing ‘Welcome to e World – Eli’s 1st year!’

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