Many firsts

April’s many firsts – mainly for Elijah!

Infant Care
Though he spends just half a day in e infant care…seeing e potential of him making many friends + sparing me some ‘alone’ time makes me happy & bubbling w excitement. Gosh I miss my little bits of freedom here & there.

Of course…that’s also exposing e little guy to more germs…but what e teachers say make sense. His immunity has to b built up. It’s either now or in e near future. It’s all a phase he has to go through. Naturally he still adjusting to e new envt…crying is inevitable! Just funny as to why all bb dislike sleeping in e cots…hmm

I do miss him when he is not around for those few hours. Constantly at e back of my mind. Guess that’s motherhood for me!


Wearing 6mths attire
I do know he is huge for a 2months going 3 baby. E fact that he can squeeze into this oversize bodysuit (catered for 6mths)…I am raising a giant?!

Foresee mega backaches!


Bb Carrier
We always wanted to squeeze Eli into a carrier so that we can bring him around wo much difficulties. Pushing a stroller is great just bulky. Kudos to me! I managed to fit Eli in properly and even made a short trip to punggol plaza. Love e handsfree moment. Though I could see Eli perspiring and not enjoying e carrier that much. At least he slept through his situation! Likes!

Best part! He is starting to smile longer and more frequent now. Happy bb!!


Next update should b on me! Whee…many starts for me coming on…excites and can’t wait!


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