Never Been So Ill

Started off w headache, cold feet and hands. So while I was taking care of Eli, I had to run to e bathroom many times to vomit. Sucks!

Thanks to my mum who came over to help for e past 2 nights because uncle mark also ended up sick w e exact same symptoms. So noone could actually do e nightly feeds except my mum. Thankfully Eli was somehow well behaved and did not cause major trouble.

Sometimes I think he behaves better in front of strangers then his own parents!

So now, fever gone, headache gone, vomit gone…just left this pesky diarrhea that’s tormenting me. It’s tough…not able to complete anything as I have a strong urge to just stay in e washroom permanently.

Sigh…hates being sick! Affects my milk supply drastically too. Think it may b a sign plus time to wean him off and start formula.

I am constantly thinking of buying a weighing machine. Wondering where I can find a good one. Hmm randomness

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