Playing 101?!

Many mums around me have been sending their little ones to ‘schools’ at the age of 5mths?! Well, seeing them educating their little ones using various methods like Doman, Montessori for infants & Shichida do make me wonder if I have done enough for Eli. Of course, him being only at a tender age of 3mths, I also do not want to overwhelm myself & him into doing things that we do not like. That said, I secretly do still carry that tweeny bit of hope that my kid is a genius OR can be a genius that starts uttering his wants/needs by 5mth old so that we (crazy parents) can stop the second guessing of every damn cry.

On the positive side, all the educational talks of teaching infants/toddlers did spur us into getting into good play time routine every evening till night.

We have embarked onto playing good ole nursery songs every day (the moment he reaches home from infant care) to flashing cards, reading him all sorts of books – Chinese/English/Both to sporadic moments on the playpen.

My favourite personal time stems from the various motor control activities that we do. It’s so adorable to see him try his damnest to do what we think is natural action; yet require lots of training and energy to accomplish. Simple action such as lifting the head or flipping. Ahhh….perverse me loves to see how Eli totally work out to do a simple Tootsie Roll!

Wonder when’s the day he will gain better control of his motor skills and really start playing with me! I already planning the range of battery controlled planes, boats, sports that we can play. Even simple kinect will be AWESOME!

Now, I can only stick to simple educational items. Am contemplating to buy a range of colourful flashcards for him (with words this time round). Thought to start at the age of 4mths…or should I do so now? Hmmz…shall ponder further coz this also means that I might want to invest in a booster seat. Captive attention (at least that’s the best part for now) is all he has now. Sadly, he has to sit through mummy’s constant nonsense blabbering & monkey acts. No chance for retaliation….hahahaha Bagus!

Let’s trudge through the education ‘chaos’ Baby! 🙂


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