Not Again!

Just a week ago, uncle mark and me gotten the sickening virus (from dunno who dunno where). Caused us to vomit, suffer from fever, headaches, have cold feet and hands plus diarrhea. Naturally, taking care of Eli solely took a backseat. So my mum came over to help.

This week, dunno why…we barely recovered…thought of having a great time at MBS then the stupid flu virus struck both of us. So we ended up with sore throats + running nose + headaches. Didnt help that Eli also suffered from running nose & cough. Weird that he should be ill considering that he is taking breastmilk. Then again….maybe my immunity + antibodies arent good enough for the constant onslaught of diseases that we are exposed to nowadays.

So I became a paranoid mum. Coughing on one hand, soothing him on the other. Total disaster. Of course, we could not keep on running to my mum for help so we took on taking care of one another ourselves. IT WAS DIFFICULT. I am in constant fear that Eli will suck in the mucus into his lungs or something. His cough sounds make me feel unbearable. I wished he was older so that I can at least direct him on coughing out or sneezing out something. At this stage, everything seems to be stuck inside his nose/mouth despite the medicine meted out.

Seriously. I have never fell ill so many times in a span of a few mths. It seems like after giving birth, my immune system just goes total haywire. Rather, I no longer have any immune system. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t get sufficient 8hrs of sleep everyday. Afterall I have to wake up every 2-3hours to feed Eli. But gosh! I wonder how long I can take this whole illness cycle. The time to go back to work is approaching fast. Madness just thinking bout the expressing of milk, taking care of Eli, doing household chores + work on top of having everyone in the household constantly falling ill.

Sighz…can cry. Then again, crying dont solve any problem. I can only patiently wait & trudge on….sobz.

Sitting in my dining room & looking at my house in silence. No mood to clean nor do laundry. I just wanna a genie that can cure me instantly yet…another few more mins, it’s time to administer medicine to the little one once again.


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