Missed & Missing

Thought going back to work will be a nightmare in the morning. In the past, just need to pack myself & what I need. Now, it’s pack for Eli, feed him, change him and rock him to sleep + throw rubbish, pack pump + myself & what I need before I step out of the house. Though it’s only an hour affair. I am always afraid that I will miss out anything. No joke if we left out the milk or the bath towel coz noone can really turn back & deliver to the infant care. Then again, thanks to wonder Uncle Mark who will re-check and ensure that everything is in order before leaving the house with Eli.

Nonetheless, the past 2 days went by without much hitches. Felt really welcomed back to school. Thanks to the awesome lorong & so many others who came forth and welcomed me. Amazing how the vendors also remembered who I am and actually bothered to ask me bout my kiddo & delivery experience. Of course, the students…they totally went hyper and constantly been finding me every morning just to say ‘hi’ or tell me about their time in school. Rewarding. Loved the fact that people around me also support my bf duties. Lovez!

Do I miss Eli the time at work? I won’t say a definite No, though I must say that the times I truly miss him arise especially when I am pumping. Not sure if the envt is different but the amount I get is much lesser than at home. Now I have switch to double pumping and today’s results though much better, I sincerely think it can be improved. I think I really need to start Eli to accept formula real soon. Alternatively, maybe I should re-start taking Motillium to upkeep the milk production. Afterall, I have spent $2 per pill….ke ching! ke ching!

Another that I miss? Going on dates! hahahahaha it’s been a super long while since I last watched a movie, had a decent buffet meal with no interruptions, going for SPA treatments!!!! Hmmz….I need to go for facial again soon. Feels super un-pampered all over!

Random remark – Hatez the afternoon thunder sounds! Bleh…scares the crackling s*** out of me!


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