Getting to Know a Nebulizer

The flu virus is still in the air. Thanks to it, dear Eli still suffers from slight blocked nose + lots of phlegm. Many people advised to breathe menthol, use mouth to suck out the mucus, drink honey…blah blah blah.

Well, ended up Eli has the saline water spray and had to be fed Ventolin. So, Ventolin is quite a strong medication for a baby but Eli still ended up puking all the milk he drank due to the phlegm and cough. Sadly, the more he drinks, the more he pukes, the hungrier he gets. It’s a damn vicious cycle.

Came Thursday, we could not take it anymore, Uncle Markie took 1 of his precious leave days (he still got tons…but he kept complaining) to bring Eli to the pediatrician. Then he came home with a nebulizer. Gosh! It’s been decades since I last saw 1. Afterall, the only time I used it was about 7yrs old when I had asthma…now it’s a whole new experience. I thought it will be tough on Eli – coz he’s small and all. But when I saw him breathing in the air…gosh…he seemed to be enjoying it…like sniffing shisha…hahahahahaha

4 more days to go! 🙂



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