Hair Fall

After childbirth my hair was still thick and there wasn’t any sign of hair dropping. So I thought Yippee!! 1 less side effect that I have to deal with. Now, 4 months going 5 after delivery…the hair on my head has decided to start dropping. It’s not really a big mega bother to me. Just that seeing hair all over my house irks me. No matter how many times I wipe my floor…just a turn and I will see a hair strand again… It’s a never ending cleaning cycle. Hatez!

Doesn’t help that Eli has adopted a scream, grab and suck approach when he is pissed. And the fave love item for grabbing recently has been my hair. Another booster for my hair loss.

Uncle Markie has also noticed something interesting about my hair. I seldom get stressed out except during ‘those dreadful days; glad it was of the past’, so it was hilarious when he spotted this extremely prominent white hair (apparently it was completely white) on my head at this moment when I am definitely stress-free and enjoying everyday of my life. I am short. He is tall. I guess, not hard to spot at all. Sadz.

Am pondering over a hair treatment cum colouring now….sighz…should I or should I not? Never fancy major chemical treatments to my scalp. I like all natural! 😦 Guess will ponder some more…

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