Reads when Eli’s sleeping

What I do during my ‘free’ time? It’s all bout Eli…

Q&A: Treating baby eczema? – New Parent – Newborn Basics.

Eczema | BabyCenter

Nebulizer | The Baby Specialist – Baby Equipment Rental in Singapore.  — Not renting…planning to buy 1. Apparently it’s more cost effective.

Albuterol/nebulizer Use for a 5 Month Old – Mamapedia™.

5 months old baby cough, wheeze on and off for almost 2 months already!!. –I feel exactly the same sentiments…SIGHz…it’s e totality of everything. Having to feed ultra so many medicines (which obviously he hates…don’t we all?) + nebulize him + clearing up the puke & myself + ever nursing (no time to pump, obviously)….many many much much things…

Since there’s medical history from my side. I suffered from asthma super duper long time ago…outgrew it but it’s sad if Eli gets it…haiz

Introducing solid food | BabyCenter. — So I thought humans eat rice as staple…so technically we do not reject it…after feeding the same thing 3 times…Eli apparently hates rice. He sees the spoon & starts wailing…gosh…does it mean he hates eating or hates the rice/brand? Guess he is just not ready…will wait & see

No more next read…the fellow is up… (-_-)”…so fast!



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