Recently, I took Eli to his 1st swimming class…he loved it. Though at one point I was planning to succumb to pressure and societal mummy behavior of signing e swimming package, I managed to avoid doing so at e last min. Uncle Markie and me had this discussion for a while and we both agreed to expose Eli to real pool swimming once he hits 8month old. Cheaper and we aren’t paying for a tub of water. Hahaha so meantime, we just need to b hardworking to fill up Eli’s tub for water and swim play.

Weekend trauma. Eli went for his final 6-1 jab. Thank goodness! Dun think I wanna go through e ordeal again. I always come out of e doc office in perspiration cum anxiety and Eli in tears. Though uncle Markie was there this time round…it was no less a sick experience for me.
The past 2 times Eli had no fever at all. Apparently that’s coz he was breastfed. This time round, he had high fever. Fortunately it happened at my parents place. So, Eli got e better care and he went high on chicken porridge plus loads of love and play that e exhausted parents could not give that day.

It’s hilarious how we thought we were so freaking damn tired and yet we caught a movie, did household chores and worked in e midst of everything. We even managed to pay lala land a visit! Zzzz…
Uncle Markie is, I am just a spider w many many legs plus hands. Deep realization!

Uncle Markie and me started having small talks bout our future adventures of taking 4-6 months hiatus and jetting off around e world while leaving our kid(s) behind and not having any worries in e world. 25years later. Great to b able to dream. 😃

Meantime, I have huge cravings for sweet stuff. Need to curb and be curbed. Madness! Thanks uncle Markie for e everyday indulgence but u can keep e nagging that comes w it. As u know, I am a generous wife. Xoxo!



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