I won’t say I tumbled on eBooks. Definitely I feel happy getting my reads via my phone or maybe in the future an ipad. It’s so much easier, cheaper and green to be reading on a screen. But my poor eyes! No amount of inner shiner and carrots can repair my eyes. Sadz! Destined to be a 4-eyed monster for the rest of my life!

Anyways, I am glad I managed to get some form of reading done. Be it a trashy novel, a fantasy one or even short stories – I am happy to be near different forms of words other than the ga ga oooo ahahahaha hahahahaha ku chi ku chi language.

Though reading to Eli has been an everyday affair, my attention span in reading is shorter than Eli’s. I mean the moment I finish reading 1 book, I can easily call it quits. Eli on the other hand, still stares at the book as though he is expecting me to flip some more. Great for him! Nil for me! Not sure why he is unable to speak now since he loves hearing our voices so much whenever we read to him…Hmmz…wellz, I have GREAT hopes for my kid! Poor Eli! Nah, mummy still loves u, kiddo!

Recently I have been quite busy rushing from one place to another with quite a bit on my mind & plate. Lesson plans, power points, marking, tuition…GRRR! Thanks to my poor time management, now I am behind on loads of other things. 😦

My house is 1 house not on cleaning schedule. It is in another state of dirtiness. I should just suck it up and start taking the brush and do some cleaning. Seems like the only cleaning I am doing is Eli’s bottles, sterilization of every Eli’s items and water boiling. Not sure why when weekend strikes, my mind is only on snooze….sighz…

People have been telling me that to live a tai tai lifestyle, you should get a maid, a nanny and of course lead the high life and get time for yourself so that you can do all the pampering and relaxation required. Tempting! Then again, I prefer the DIY. It’s all another reason for me to ‘justify’ to Uncle Markie that I am seriously a great wife! I can totally clean, cook and manage the household well. That’s in addition to working (earning $$ to pay off my loans + expenses + parents) and being a mummy to Eli.

Of course, Uncle Markie will disagree big time that I do not clean since he does the mopping of floor and I seldom cook (which is true coz lack of time) and Uncle Markie ends up buying dinner home. Me taking care of Eli is getting shorter by the day since recently I love to doze off every night just prior to Eli’s night feed. Uncle Markie ends up doing the feeding. All right. Fine! I admit that I am not that great a woman afterall. I just like to think I am.

I love updating my blog. Then I realized that I have so much to talk about so much to write that I slack off and end up not writing any. Weird right.

Come to think bout it. Despite all the stuff I need to work on, I still managed to catch my weekly variety and drama serials. Gosh! What am I doing with my life?! Jeez!


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