And so I heard…

Recently I experienced a massive ringing tone in my head. It’s e onslaught of headaches accumulated from 6 months of sleeping little. Multiple side effects occurred as well such as ezcema and dry skin compounded w water retention. Physically speaking, I looked like crap and feel like 1.

It’s amazing how celebrities keep in top form within weeks of delivery. And me here trying to just look clean and pristine (incredibly difficult) every morning b4 I report to a class of monkeys, which once again makes me look like shit at e end of day. E current crazy weather obviously just melts me further…no end to factors that caused me to pull my hair our…And e endless duties of fetching Eli, cooking bathing clean house routine…my 1 ridiculously white hair turns even whiter. I strongly believe that particular strand of hair is absorbing all e essence of tantamount pressures, lack of sleep and negative energies within me! Kudos to it! It’s what keeping my other hair strands youthful!

Peeps around me kept telling me to look at Eli, hang in there and alls worth it. I did exactly that.

What I see? Slobbish hands and face, e I-wanna-cry look, disgustingly smelly poop (no idea why since his meals are still 90% milk) and constant fight to wanna b carried.



But when he flashes his impish smile…life turns great.




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