What Am I Doing?

I have been quite a book addict recently. Correction. It’s been an online book addict. I can literally spend hours browsing through tons of books and yet not being able to find a suitable one that I can literally glue my eyes upon.

In fact, I do miss holding the hard copy versions. Then again, this will totally dispel the need for me using the tab. After all, I bought the tab in light that I can use it for my entertainment purposes and that includes reading.

I have recently came across interesting case studies that made me wanna re-learn marketing all over. And that’s not going to help my current career…so I am constantly wondering what the hell am I doing.

So I thought maybe it’s time to embark on some learning programs related to what I am doing now like go to British Council and get some cert in the meantime that I am freaking waiting to be posted  (like I some sort of letter) to elsewhere.

Not much free time and still wanna do all these. Haiz.

Best thing…do nothing!!!! If only life on earth is much simpler. Just do what we love and yet survive. Finez…shall continue to daydream…

*yawnz* back to reality of packing and cleaning…duties ahoy! Bleh!

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