Coffee, tea, me?

Uncle Markie and me have taken a liking to coffee and tea joints during our short outings w Eli. Partly we needed places to feed e naughty one. Mostly, to chill and catch up on caffeine intake. Caffeine is life savior for times of today especially when dealing w our little one.

Undoubtedly, our little fellow has and is evolving into a little terror in many ways.

Eli has shown that he waits for no man or thing if that matters.
Whatever he wants, he wants it immediately! Just like a spoilt royal rascal.

When things dun go his way, our little one starts his screams cum a huge tantrum via rubbing of feet, pulling of hair…totally making sure u get his unhappiness.

Carrying now becomes a standing, walking affair…sitting is 80% no no unless he is falling asleep…otherwise, he starts squirming w his cacophony of cries, screams and coughs…making sure I am e most embarrassed parent around. Gosh!

Chilling is definitely not his thing! But his mum loves chilling unfortunately. And not having maids or mil or anyone to help…it’s down to uncle Markie and me to pacify e prince in midst of having our tea or coffee.

Shudders at times!

I do know that these crazy moments are mainly times that he just wants attention from me…it’s sweet but his tantrums put me off generally.Glad that there are places that I can relax a little w caffeine and prevent emotional eruptions.

Then when Eli pulls off one of his sweet smiles…it’s like a mega bribery and things feels so right all over! Temporary at least till e next caffeine fix!

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