What’s wrong w e freaking ants?

It’s very very bad! If I have to wake up in e morning feeling depressed becoz of e many ants in my kitchen. I think I m falling into a minor depression.

Ants irk me. Recently I have exterminated them till my hands are wrinkled and dry w all e eczema coming back. All uncle Markie can say is, ‘there’s only 4 ants!’ when I saw a trail of them around Eli’s milk and rice cereal tins. E tins are very secured. I wiped them everyday and to see them this morning all around e tins?! I even bought anti ants place mats to place e tins. Ant baits were placed and removed already.
And Seriously?! I totally felt super helpless. I just wanna an ants free house. Why is it so difficult?

It’s like I have been killing thousands of them this whole week. I cleaned e counter top multiple times, scrubbed e kitchen floor, mopped and re-wiped in addition to washing up and washing up and washing up. And all I get is more ants???!!! I can come home from work and see e ants running around trying to look for food when there’s none!

It’s really ridiculous! My house is currently in a mess…all thanks to e stupid ants, I can’t get any other parts of the house clean. My attention is all on exterminating them. Every time I stepped away from e kitchen for a while, they appear. I know I am fighting a losing battle but I can’t have ants in my water, ants on my counter top when there’s no food! It baffles me!

At this moment, life totally sux! I just wanna stay in a place where ants are non existent.

I am seriously mega tired.

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