Driving all over?

I am now considering going down to e kovan driving test center and report my pdl lost plus invalid and renew all over. All just to obtain that driver license.

It’s not as though I will b buying a car anytime soon but I did think that it will b a waste if I dun take it now. Who knows if Coe prices continue to drop further, I might psych uncle Markie to buy a Honda fit or a swift. Hmmm mayb a Peugeot of his liking and me just driving e vehicle for fun.

Though I do wanna have that license, I am super half hearted to learn and take e tests. It’s so expensive and I doubt I will like to drive on e expressway. Last I drove…I had difficulties estimating e speed of cars in e freaking side mirrors before doing any overtaking or changing lanes. Of course, e traffic rules are totally out of my mind. I am absolutely clueless now on bus lane timings plus remembering e roads to anywhere. Even w gps…I seriously doubt that I won’t get lost or turn into e wrong lane, wrong time.

E best part of driving. Driving on a road w no turns whatsoever.

Apparently I have no love for it.

If not for e future grand retirement plans…I believe I am happy to b a passenger in my lifetime.

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