Everyday Life

Everyday has fallen into a routine that pretty much is quite mundane yet superbly amusing at times.

All thanks to the notorious class which creates loads of heartaches, headaches and sore throats and to some extent incredulity when going against normal human logic for me. GRRRRR!  Not sure to pity them as they integrate into society or pity the society that has to accept & may be support them in the future. Wonder if by that time I will be in another county..the ‘somewhere-out-there’ thought has been constantly thrown around in my mind.

So once school ends and all, it’s rush home time to prepare the house for the little prince. Bottles must be washed, water must be boiled, food must be cooked, rubbish must be thrown and laundry must be done before picking Eli up from school.

The moment Eli steps home, it’s entertaining him, teaching him and feeding him. All about him. No more time to go out for dinner dates, movie dates or even a simple chill out drink somewhere. Many times, miss the freedom I totally enjoyed in the past.

In the midst of all the free time I have, it’s catch up time with news, technology, dramas, tons of readings at the same time marking books + papers.

Realised that mummy life can be very lonesome. Accepted. Moved on. Moving on.

24-hr never enough. Sleep totally deprived.

That’s my everyday life.

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