Glad To Be Here

As I reach the 1 year mark of my teaching contract life…I am seriously glad to be here. Though part of me do feel that it’s a pity to give up my degree just like that but I think it’s a process and to some extent…fate played a part in me going to SMU and experienced what I did, met who I needed to meet.

Meeting these new found mates do make me realize that there are good peeps out there. People not having 2 face or acting like they are super mighty. No one to put you down just because they can. Merits should be given to them for their experience of course. Not gonna deny that with age comes some form of wisdom but humility is definitely something I see in my current course of work and I treasure that very much. Sincerity is really heartfelt and the immense care and love I received albeit small do make me feel appreciated in some way.

Sadly, in the corporate field..the need to constantly re-act, yes acknowledge the pun, did at point in time make me feel that everyone is literally a pawn. Use & re-use (only if it’s worth). Did I meet anyone nice out there? Definitely. Sadly, most ended up as peeps that I only wanna keep as acquaintance. Gradually I lost myself. Dreading each day of work and wondering what am I doing with my life. I became pretty withdrawn and just wanna get the work done and not engage in some silly pranks. Socialising did become a chore.

So as a job hopper, it’s no surprise I quit. Most prob to many…I must have been seen as a quitter.  Anywayz, I nose dived into something that everyone has negative views about. True enough. Work sux. Yet when you see the young ones learning and telling you how fun your lessons are. How much they like you. How much they hate you. They seriously tell it to your face! When you quiz them on what you have taught. They respond with the correct answer, you feel like you have scored. Brings me back to why did I learn marketing in the first place?

I guess at one point in uni days I did reflect on my life choices. If not for Youth Challenge. If not for the peeps I met during my sec and JC days. If not for entrepreneurial spirit that I re-modeled from my daddy. I will not and cannot be here today.

Meeting these peeps do bring me back to ground level. Apart from life’s enjoyment, one should really just enjoy the simple pleasures in life. No need for high end living, branded goods, attaining 5 Cs and constantly compare with others…all you need to be happy is just having security, great company which sees you on par at any level and bestest of all knowing your work is appreciated at any level (not by management but by the greatest receivership).

Thanks mates! Am seriously glad to be here!

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