Rebellious & Pure Defiance

My first teaching class was Foundation pupils where I met students with stroke cases, anger management cases, physical illness and dyslexia. Fortunately, the kid’s were a fun batch and a gratifying batch to teach. This year, the immense amount of challenging students have doubled in the class.

What totally drains me is the fact that they cannot contribute to a conducive learning environment by keeping silence for even 1min.

Teaching gets harder and the attitude that a teacher receives from this class is seriously shocking. Granted the fact that there can be many other rooms for improvement in terms of strategies implemented for the class by the teacher. However, to have children shouting back and even hitting a teacher…that’s just unacceptable. Basic form of discipline is tough. Screaming my head off every other day is definitely not the solution. Calling parents, sadly, does not work. Kids took on a ‘It’s an everyday affair’ mode and the chaos reigns and continues regardless whatever method implemented.

So comes ‘bribery’. Chocs & sweets…incentives to help the class create pockets of learning time. NAH! Best behaviour only lasted for maximum 1 period. After that, chaos reign. Class rules? Nil. ADHD kids run around the class like there’s no teacher. Specific instructions have been given to them to no avail. All I get is disobedience and defiance. As though it’s all my fault for wanting them to sit down and focus on the work in front of them.

Next comes the accusation of ‘I Don’t Care!’. WOW. Really?! Why will kids feel that by getting them to do their work be no form of caring? By scolding them be no form of caring and best…using soft approach…talking to them one on one still constitutes as no form of caring?! And then next line of “I hate U!” Ermz….at one point, I really wanted to say….’Go Ahead’. No one owes me a living….similarly, I do not owe you a living so whether you like me or not is out of my equation.

Then why do I feel so helpless every time I face this class? Is it the fact that I am hanging on to the past methods of how a classroom atmosphere should be? Is it the idea that I am glued to that all teachers should be respected to ensure easy control of the class?


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