New Habits

Eli’s new habits are…grins grins grins! Adorable, funny, all resulted in cheeky!

He loves smiling so much. I like!
Must b feeling e happiness…it’s no wonder. With a parent constantly wanting to buy baby items, many redundant, I believe Eli is a privileged and a happy bb.

Just over e last weekend, we went to e bb fair hoping to get safety equipment for e house. Now that he is crawling all over, it’s time to install some measures. I had to curb my desire to buy a toddler piano which cost $500+ that I know can’t entertain him for a long time. Yet I almost went for instant gratification. Thankfully practical uncle markie kept quiet and let me reason by myself. Otherwise in heat of e moment, I will b playing a 1/6 of a piano now.

Along e way, I saw many educational programs that made me felt guilty for not doing much teaching w my son. I saw funky toys by US UK brands that pretty much stimulate development during play. Almost grabbed them to ease w guilt of not spending much time and $$ bringing him to classes and Any form of playgroups. In e end, all I did was to leave e place w Heinz food products.

Immense sadness for not getting Eli much. Secretly pleased that I saved e $$$ for other uses. Perverse me!

Thanks to e ever so practical uncle markie, it’s true that Eli has a whole lifetime in front of him to learn and develop his skills and intellect. I think sticking to basic reading, showering loads of love and having fun play w him will suffice for now.

Though I think a need in leaning discipline has to start now. Totally see a ‘prince’ syndrome developing in him. Makes me wanna smack his bom bom many times for e laziness and cheeky grins.

Ahhhh manipulation from young!!!

And my mum will also interject at this stage saying he is a baby. Urgghhh what a great excuse!

It’s totally fun to b a bb. I will and definitely miss these times in years to come. Kids just grow up too quickly and time really spares no one.

Mayb I really should get e piano just for keepsake…

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