New Developments & Endless Cleaning!


Booked a cruise! Yippee…cannot wait for that day where we board the cruise to Phuket and Penang. Not sure how Eli will fare then. Wonder if he can walk and wander the ship by then. Dec hols…so looking forward.

Recently, there’s been news that Eli might not get a place in the toddler section when he turns 18months. Being a paranoia mum, I started calling the school, talked to the principal and even wanted to source out for new schools. Seriously, the schools in Sengkang and Punggol are in severe shortage. Not sure if it is fortunate or unfortunate, I was told/reassured by the principal that the probability of Eli not being able to get a place is super low. In my mind I was thinking why should I sign that piece of paper to acknowledge that Eli might not get a place. Jeez. Waste of my time.

Eli has shown and developed new skills.

Art of screaming his head off is no longer new…now, he starts to fight with peers for toys. Amazement. My fierce boy.

At home, he shows resilience. Never say die attitude despite us telling him many times not to climb e chairs or touch e socket. His need to explore has grown tremendous. Now we always have to be either behind, beside or below him…hahahahaha Eli has shown history of falling in less than 2 seconds. And my boy knows no fear. Monkey!

I love the pictures the teacher took of him in infant care. Shows that my son is a happy bb. At least I believe he is. He is never really shy to give strangers a smile. Though recently, the separation anxiety has heightened quite a bit. Could not leave him in e arms of a stranger immediately…must warm up, play much much b4 allowing others to carry. Good thing. Am assured he won’t b following any random stranger wo kicking a big fuss!

His 2 bottom teeth also appeared. That means brushing teeth is the next activity. AHHHHH more things to do prior bedtime. With teeth…it means more drooling, more food and more snacks. hehehehe I love bb snacks. Yummyz…no wonder I am not getting skinny…all thanks to Eli. Yes uncle markie, I love to blame everyone else for my weight…wahahahaha seriously, his rice puffs of strawberries, apples and peaches aren’t helping!

In the midst of everything, I took the time to bake. Sadly, my muffins did not taste as nice as I wanted them to do so. My frittatas were delicious…but had to be straight from the oven. Of course, thanks to uncle markie for keeping Eli at bay could I achieve so much….

School’s great. Accomplished loads of cleaning these few days. Great company as well. Loving every min.

Xmas is nearing. Can’t wait. This time, there’s 3 to celebrate the festive season. HEARTS & HUGS!

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