Dining Progress!

Last Sunday, we had a great time at Vivo – walking around, buying clothes and eating mussels.

Did not manage to get any pics to showcase our little ‘expedition’ coz I was very very engrossed in Eli’s new progress – eating at the table!!!!

Dear Eli managed to sit at the dining table with us in his little child seat and as usual, made loads of noise by shouting and banging items on the table. It was a huge wonder that the staff did not chase us out of the restaurant. His voice is getting louder and louder, despite the super limited vocab of ‘da, da, da’

Anywayz, we started off super well with feeding Eli pumpkin and couscous which was great. He ate 1/4 of the bottle before refusing any additional bites. Meantime while feeding him, uncle markie was in a super tense mode. He has this silly theory that Eli will erupt any moment and create a scene that we need to handle or walk out of the restaurant in a hurry. Our son can always humiliate us in the best times possible that we cannot preempt nor prepare. I ordered a nice salmon steak and uncle markie’s his chicken chop + sausage + whipped potato. So Eli was super interested and he started eating my salmon + uncle markie’s potato. The way he ate and cooed along the way was so amusing. It was a moment where I felt that WOW my son is AT THE TABLE! Like finally. I do not need to run after him…carry him…or do any other moves to cajole him into stationary feeding. Now he can totally amuse himself at the table, playing with water, spoons and whatsnot + eating happily.

I seriously no mind the gooeyness nor the mess he created upon himself. Though I think the staff was really gonna kill us for the amount of serviettes we used. I just thought that at least Eli had fun eating. That was a super big Mega plus point.

Moving to the evening period. It was again great to see Eli sitting in his baby chair and eating his porridge while we ate our dinner. Promising + Encouraging.

Whenever I cook for Eli…I feel a dread. Coz simply, I hate cooking. Eli also does not seem to really like dinner. He prefers milk at night.Now I am happy doing it seeing him enjoying the food that I prepare and with e whole family at the table. GORGEOUS! Just like what I have always dreamed of. Guess cooking will be a regular activity moving forward…

Can’t wait for the long weekend. I think I will prepare pancakes for breakfast & a tiny one just for Eli….kekeke so adorable & heartwarming. Loving my family! 🙂

Having said that…it’s time to engage a part time maid to help me spring clean the house. I am so lagging in all my dusting activities + scrubbing activities. Nowadays uncle markie takes on the full load of washing toilet + cleaning floor. Guilty…eh…somewhat…hahahahaha So I think additional help will surely go a long way in the house!

If only I can have a money plant in my house just like SIMS! :/


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