Bday celebration at La Noona…too atas for Eli! E staff rocks!!!! Kids lover definitely! Always helping us wash Eli’s toys and asking us if we needed anything more…likes!!!!

Been a year since I last touched any wine…wow e impact of drinking 2 glasses of moscato resulted in sleepiness. But it reinforces e love for alcohol. Boy! I am an alcoholic!!!

After din din, we proceeded for coffee/tea as usual…ice cream was top on list w hagan dazz just opposite e restaurant. We had choc fondue!!! Not a fave of choc but truly loved e platter! E staff was telling us bout e ice cream balls needing 3hrs of freeze time b4 plating…like so wow (-_-)” nonetheless it was awesome!

E catching up part was e main idea. That was good! Though brin u couldn’t join us…we should get together soon and have a blast!

U gals rockz! Okz…I will start working on e freaking photo book!!! Hee2

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