Have been on an eye romping shopping spree lately. Been to Toys’ R’ Us, Kiddy Palace, Mothercare and many other boutique outlets and there are no toys that really appeal to my liking.

Eli has mastered pretty much simple motor skills like nesting, shape sorting and definitely cause and effect. Hence, we are on the look out for more educational and fun toys for him to play. Not that I am adverse to electronic ones. However, much studies have shown that ‘Swedish’ toys are great in developing infants’/toddlers’ minds. Which led me to searching many websites such as ‘Party and Play’, ‘Lamkins’ ‘Growing Fun’ and many more to search for the perfect gift for Eli’s Xmas pressie!

Then my mum had to pop up with toys from of course, IKEA! Silly me for not thinking of IKEA. Then again, prior to this I always felt that IKEA toys are too simple. Once again, the studies proved that the simplest toys enhance the skills the most!

As usual, it helps to have a pre-school teacher mum who totally picked out the age appropriate toys to build up Eli’s necessary skills sets. Happy! At least 1 thing is settled!

Side-track: Was having as usual, my chi-chat sessions with Eli’s teachers and the horror stories I hear about some parents. Gosh. Sometimes I think Eli is too mega fortunate. At least he gets toys and not being put to sleep all day (though secretly I do want him to sleep away) just to get him shush up!

As a parent, understand the woes of a parent and the kiasuism totally sets in. Not that I am comparing Eli to other children, actually none in particular, it is the average benchmark that I am comparing him against. Scary but true. When I think of how old I wanna expose the kid to enrichment classes…the number that pops in my head is 1. It’s totally O.M.G!!!! Not sure what I wanna him to be. A genius or a genius…hmmz…

Pity Eli for being my kid. Hopefully it’s not a Love Hate R/s!  ;p

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