HOLIDAYS & Misbehaviour!

The best thing about life is to enjoy a great holiday! Glad that in this line…my hols are LONG! LOVES & HUGS!

Many gatherings planned ahead during this month. Love the ideas of having little gatherings to while the time away in joy and happiness.

Though, this year I have not much in the pipelines of going far away from Singapore. The only short getaways are at least something that I can content myself.

Albeit small and short, I believe that it will be fun! πŸ™‚

So we are going cruising plus visiting JB. Somewhere near and dear.

Hopefully Eli will ‘repent’ and start behaving like an angelic bb. As usual, have been ranting on and on about his misdeeds to my friends and all. This BOY! OMG!

Whenever we bring him out of the house…I can expect loads of shouting, crying and bb talks in loud voices. Does not help that he loves to stand on his pram, cry for attention and making sure that our 100% attention is on him and HIM only. In MRTs, the pole is a constant need for his ‘play’. Unable to deny him of touching or playing with things as this rascal will start screaming and throwing tantrum. KNS! During a recent trip to the airport by bus…our dear little boy CRIED HIS HEART OUT…as though we are the evil parents who denied him of milk or abuse him terribly. He totally could not be pacified with ANYTHING and eventually we had to give him like many many many biscuits throughout the trip to keep him occupied + pacified. POOR US!

With Eli outside at different places/transportation, I look like a wreck and feel like one. SERIOUSLY. I cannot wear any nice clothes coz I have to carry him and he weighs a ton. The fact that he keeps on struggling makes me perspire easily coz I need to ‘fight’ with him. So letting my hair down literally is a NO NO. GOSH. Coupled with my sleepless nights + fat figure. Totally look like an auntie and a FAT ONE. Sadz…

It’s like a total KARMA. I must be super evil in my past life to have such a hyper son. SOBZ…

Do I feel love for Eli? Of course. Much much love? Depends…sometimes…taking care of him is such a torture… 😦

Nonetheless, he is now included in our lives and definitely plans of celebrations. Toys, ploys, joys!


With loads planned for the hols, I am also happy to help out my friend in the midst and arranging to keep up with all my self-pruning (mani,pedi,haircut,facial,massage,aerobic classes – lacking a spa to top it all off). Hopefully I can get some work done at the same time.

Totally feel like slacking the hols away once again – torpidity (esp in Dec)! Not good! Nonetheless, CANT WAIT! πŸ™‚



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