Haven been faithfully writing…not that nothing happened during this 1month. More of too many little things to jot it all down.

Dec Hols started off pretty nice w loads of gatherings and house spring cleaning.

Had a surprise b-day cake at Grace’s house. Felt loved! Awesome!

Tried out Zumba and started a good regime back at amore. Unfortunately, never stick to it till e end. But I befriended a great cool auntie that almost shared her whole life story w me within e span of 2hrs continuously on e trekker machine!

Cruise was fine though could b better! I never had a good impression of cruise trips and e last time I went on a cruise was maybe when I was 10?! Long and forgotten. This time round, memory has proven my judgement right. Cruise is boring! E only nice parts were e docking at Phuket and Penang where we got to walk around and shop a bit. Rest of time, I only remember eating eating eating. Grrr!

B-days?! Nah, we didn’t spend it e way we wanted to. Could b better but we felt content (at least at that time…e laments came later). We had special cakes delivered to our room by star Virgo and we enjoyed it as a family of 3! That was heart warming! 🙂

After which, we came back w Eli getting e viral fever!!!! That was utterly draining! I was constantly worried bout his up-down fever! Constantly thinking how to get him better. And yes, e so many medication needed was overwhelming! Fortunately now all is well. Whew!

During the fever-rash period, I managed to have a small cook-off session for a few pretty babes at my place. Though a short gathering, it was filled w love, fun and lotsa laughter! Glad they loved my cooking and dessert, though simple.
Gives me another reason to justify to uncle markie that I am seriously, a great wife! Hahahahaha

So in e midst of everything, uncle Markie booked us a room in ksl resort. So we got my mum to help look after e rascal for 1night while we zipped to JB for a mini getaway. No frills stay. A good shopping spree, w multi coffee sessions, late night movie and top it off w a seafood spread. E hotel was fantabulous! E service was near 0. Nonetheless, it was a great getaway!

Now approaching e end of 2012, I looked back e year w much happiness. Life has been great and friends that I never expected to contact me did and e meet ups were wonderful!

Today marks a special day too! Since 2004 23rd dec till 2009 23rd dec marks 5yrs of courtship. 2009 23rd dec till 2012 23rd dec marks 3 yrs of marriage life. E numbers mean nothing. Only happy to know e world did not end on e 21st b4 we can go on a bonkers celebration tonight!

Of course, to upload all photos later in e evening too!!

Totally SweetZ! 😉

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