1st B-day!

As the no 16 Jan is fast approaching…it means that Eli’s B-day is coming near.

I do wanna have a small celebration for him. Just family. This inspires me to create a small b-day cake for him where he can swoosh, smash, mangle and cram his mouth full of cake without uncle markie and me worrying about the unhealthy food he is taking.

I know ironically I have been feeding him food from coffee shops and all when we are outside and here I am talking about a healthy cake. I did think of buying a cake from outside with fondant and all. However, knowing exactly what goes into those cutie cakes make me cringe in fear when I see Eli popping any of those fully sugar loaded items into his mouth. Nonetheless, it’s his first b-day and I really wanna start a home baking cake tradition where we will put in 99% love and 1% effort albeit into small like a cake. Just for my kid.


I researched on tons of recipes and shortlisted the following few:

Vanilla Cake (mainly adapted from diabetic cooking to reduce the amount of sugar intake)

Applesauce cake (since Eli loves apples…but normally apple cakes tend to be sourish and Eli may cringe…a reaction I love…hahahaha ok sadistic moi!)

Banana cake (another of Eli’s favourite fruit…though it causes phlegm. But it’s the simplest cake of all…followed by carrot cake which I think he is sick of it by now since carrot is constantly in his diet).


Hopefully the cake works out and Eli will have a great smashing (literal as well) 1st b-day.

And yes. It will be held outdoors to minimise cleaning up and attraction of antz.


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