Things have been moving so quickly that I hardly have any time to play with my tech gadgets much less blog. So here’s a quick update to remind myself that I am sane and thankful that I am alive to experience these every little things!

So apart from celebrating Eli’s and Hua’s b-day in the month of Jan where we filled (I believe) both lives with loads of $$, cakes and pressies, I have been doing alot more work and teaching (work & personal).

Have been helping my friend out in her classes on weekends and super busy with all the school stuff. Things have gotten heavier year after year. And MOE still refuses to send me for training! @!#&(#%&(@#*

Eli’s development has also taken a huge amount of my time and brain cells. Constantly thinking of what to cook for him, what to engage him and how to discipline him. My son is a serial biter and scratcher. Still doing all sorts of methods to curb that boy!

Catching up on all my dramas..sobbingly not much time for tvs!!!! Missing all my other dramas that I have ended up reading the deconstructed versions instead. Sighz

Went for health checks to realise that I have high cholesterol…so I am so on a healthier diet of more fruits & veg. Swearing off fast food, cakes and ice-cream for good. And CNY is just round the corner. Speechless!

Have been craving to get myself a new tab. So Google Nexus 10 has been on my list for a while. Still thinking about it but the tendency to get it is damn high. Previous tab is to be packaged and send to someone else as a b-day gift. Afterall my tab is really new. Not more than 6 months and have not seen the daylight for more than 20 times!

Then we have the Eli’s sucking $$ power. Been thinking of sending him to school. So we tried out Bibinogs. Quite an experience but the distance is really far. Wonder why noone wants to do a class closer to punggol. Hmmz…means I have to start looking again for a class though I really do wanna teach him phonics on my own but I lack the environment in doing so. Can’t bring myself to be excited after all the long day of teaching sometimes and Eli needs the routine.

I already planned out all the lessons for him. Monday – Eng, Tuesday – Maths, Wednesday – Art, Thursday – Chinese, Friday – Science and Weekends – physical activities and yet nothing is carried out. No mood… 😦

Hopefully I can educate Eli better in the days to come. Must be more determined…grrr…

CNY coming…hopefully noone comments on my weight…HATEZ! Ahhhh the many troubles of life…

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