Totally Buzzzing

As usual, time never stops for me.

Before I can even do anything to myself, it’s already mid feb with cny whoozing past.

This year new year was brimming with activities. I have totally no idea why.

Maybe it’s Eli’s first new year and there’s more places to go visiting. Tired out to the max.

Eli progressing to 13 months old.

His temper has also worsen. I even resorted to beating his arms and hands to curb his ‘itchy’ fingers and be met with a cheeky grin and smile. That boy knows no boundaries.

Putting him in a corner only makes him seeking more attention by throwing a bigger tantrum. Headache.


School is also getting really buzzing with loads of work. Still manageable. At least I am doing things at my own pace own target.


Just as I am booking my facial appointment while I am typing furiously at my laptop, I am also busy thinking about the immense backlog of marking that I need to clear. GRRRR…The new year resolution of making time for my amore and other pruning activities seemed to be held in a time-zone that is so unattainable at the moment.

Need more cuppa teas.


Someone just put me in a zen zone for 1 day and I will be in a blissful state. Hmm or will I be a perverse sicko that will still crave all these buzzing???

Only the omnipresent one knows.




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