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March march!

I had loads of new year resolution I wanted to fulfill this year!

Lose weight (e perpetual goal), go for a new class, save $$$ (previous jobs only encouraged me to splurge not save!), study my linguistics (sadly no determination as yet) and develop Eli as best as I can…

I have been quite fortunate that things in my life fall pretty nicely…so recently e topic of cars came up again! Glad that we have e consensus of not getting one. $$ to b placed in other better uses!

I am so determined to go overseas at least twice this year…Taiwan in June and hopefully Australia in dec. I am totally scared of how Eli will respond on e plane. No way I can imagine pacifying a screaming baby.

In e past I had such experiences and I remembered how I used to comment that those parents should not bring their kids on a plane. Now I know they were bitten by e travel bug and kudos to them in bringing e kids as I can understand e unimaginable feat they embarked on.

We have been making progress in keeping our relationship these few weeks. More alone outings and trying to have fun in midst of bb trouble.

School on e other hand needed more of my attention. More work more responsibility. Sadly no extra remuneration.

Eli has progresses from a biter to a serial biter! Sigh it’s so tough to keep up w his active cells! Now his actions are getting steadier and evokes loads of praises, hugs and kisses.

We just made a trip to e beach and it was amazing how he was afraid of e sand and sea. I thought my son was invincible. E sun also stripped him of his energy and with his extreme lethargic look, we thought to change to a mall-parkway mall for him to sleep in better condition.

Just like his mama, cold weather perked him up and he became a slimy worm in e mall running here and there making mess and a din! 😪

All of e above on top of catching up on daily news, latest dramas, tuition classes, cooking and household chores tire me out so readily that blogging has taken a huge back seat. Even checking Facebook at times becomes irrelevant.

2013 jan and feb were totally an every sized e day moment. Looking forward to march where holidays are approaching! Can’t wait!


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