April April Please Be Gone!

With e onslaught of events and loads of procrastination plus projects…blogging took a really mega seat back.

I always pride myself as efficient, responsible and to some extent, hard working. The month of April proved otherwise! With exam papers to set, books to b marked, assembly programs to be done, lesson ob to b planned plus prepare on top of other admin stuff and training, action research, projects, cca blah blah blah…AND taking care of Eli, doing household chores and spending time helping my friend w her tuition classes…gosh there’s always a rush for time! Things seemed to b always not done!!

Having said that…life also has never been more fulfilling! Despite how a rascal my son is at night, refusing sleep and all. I do feel contentment. In what aspect, I have yet e time to really sit down and ponder.

Was re-reading many books recently as well..( amazed that I could find the time in e midst of everything )…from George Orwell to Nicholas Sparks…it triggered me to acknowledge e need to pen things down as memoir…wonder how it will be like to send letters to peeps after I am gone. Though uncle markie said it was cruel. It should be a let e living grief and move on versus in constant mourning. Hmmm…

I also managed to update myself w watching my ever weekly running man and a few latest hk, kr and tw dramas…gosh! E bliss!

I am a screen addict. No screen will die. So uncle markie got this great idea of syncing our house screens altogether from tv to tabs and phones…so we can do away w useless cable tv and rely full entertainment on Xbox and Internet tv. I love BitTorrent to bits! Can’t wait when e house is really in sync!

I was never much into Korean wave…just watch e shows for much amused laughter and romance (I love romance!). So I was quite intrigued on e amount of attraction I took to Akdong Musician. Their songs are mega fantabulous! To have such talent I think it’s really lacking in e music industry. Afterall composition is one of e hardest thing to do in face of intense competition. And they are so young!

Recently, took Eli to a few places…celebrated a few first months, first b-days and a well waited trip to e zoo! Omg! Singapore’s weather is not for e living! It was super humid and warm. Fortunately no insect bites and sunburns. Zoo trip on a scale from 1-10…it’s a good 7. Boy, we faced exhaustion after that. Needed 1 Sunday to zonk out!

On bigger topics, we are planning to buy a new flat! Just to make some $$! Woohoo renovation plans…I like! It’s therapeutic…of course must start hunting for a unit that I like 🙂

Keke apparently I am such a good spender.

April is madness. June come quick so I can be enjoying a great time in Taiwan! Super can’t wait! 🙂

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