Child’s Play

The same question pops up every weekend.
“What are we going to do today?
Alternatively it comes in another question form.
“Where are we going today?

Really running out of ideas.

Places have to be planned around my tuition schedule of course. Then again, what activities to engage Eli?

Painting, drawing, colouring-he does it even on weekdays. Tired of repetition.

Indoor playgrounds?
We do go to kidzgo regularly. After all, we have a Membership there. It is a great alternative for rainy & hazy days. Still, going indoor playground every week becomes Mundane.

So, what other ways of entertainment? Outdoor play!

Somehow as my poor luck goes…we tend to not have good times at e beach. Times we go, it’s either high tide or e sand is too hot for e feet or Eli does not even want to participate as he sleeps through e walks we took at e beach. So we try pools…swimming pools. Great that Eli loves water but we suffer e aftermath quickly. Flu, phlegm, cold and whatnot.

Guess best outdoor play is still e same walk to e same park w his mini.


Nonetheless, happy great 18th month Eli! I will persevere on to entertain u till u are able to entertain me instead.

AND, Balloon, bubbles and stickers…I bought loads. Please make them last for another week.

Loves! 😘💋

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