A Long Time Battle

I do not have a chronic illness of sorts. Rather, a long time dermatological problem of eczema. It gotten worse especially after delivering which initially I attributed to hormones. After 1 year, I dispelled that thought.

I used to think that ezcema is a hereditary issue. Not that it isnt. Just fustrating to know that both my parents have no such issues and my brother and me both suffer from this for a long time. Of course, mine is not in a situation whereby I have to scratch myself raw everytime. It’s just more convenient to have perfect skin condition which is getting tougher to manage and obtain as years go by.

In the past, whenever I touched things like detergent, glutinous rice water, fragrance items, rashes tend to break out easily. Not to mention dust. That’s like my no. 1 killer. Maybe that’s why I developed a clean freak attitude.

To fight this battle. I normally load my house with bodyshop’s soap free products from wash to scrubs to creams + over the counter creams. U name it, I tried it. Cetaphil, Sebamed, Aquarea, Physiogel…even palmer’s butter/oil. I ever tried Neem cream plus almond oil, or some form of palm oil that supposedly cure exceed based on forums and research. No use. At least for me. Those who have seen my recent condition do ask if I had suffered a burn on my feet coz it’s really quite bad. Thanks to my current strategy of using the following items, the condition is really improving. At least I tried to stop the persistent itch. Terrible!

Such a skin condition really made it hard to cook, wash and take care of eli as I have a strong urge to scratch almost every min after stepping into the kitchen.

I do thank my lucky stars for finding the best combination for my skin type. Thanks to Salcura…my probs are solved and I do not need to rely too much on Elomet. Afterall, it’s a steroid cream and do have side effects on prolonged usage.

Will continue to explore new creams as time goes. For now, I am happy with my ‘new-born’ skin and strategy.

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