Inspired – Julie & Julia

Based on the show “Julie and Julia”, a girl aspires to cook all the dishes a per a cookbook by a famous chef.

I have no such ambition but the recent frequent references to and did inspire me to do many of the local, simple dishes. Of course, knowing that one of the sites share a name similar to mine made me feel closer. At least if I am not able to do…someone out there with my same name can do it much better.

Funny thinking.

No need for fanciful dine-outs. Just simple home-cook meals that satisfy my 2 boys. I am grateful.

It is to no surprise that just yesterday, we visited the new ramen place at Tampines One – Ramen Kagetsu Arashi. Despite all the hype, long queues, I personally find it too salty and a tad bit boring in the flavour.

Of course I am not a gourmet in food. I am neither a foodie that travels all over Singapore to find the best places of a particular cuisine. Neither am I one to scour nooks and creeks across the sunny island for nice cafes to chill and soak in the ambiance, food and company. I used to think it’s one of the best things ever. To be able to see new places, explore new food, tantalize my taste buds.

Is it age? Maybe. Is it the boring lifestyle I am having now? Perhaps.

What matters most is to see Eli and uncle markie eating up my food and tell me it’s smacking licking good.

I used to like baking. Of all sorts. Therapeutic is the word.

Now, I enjoy being in the kitchen. Cooking with love. Cliche. Truth is a better description.

I doubt I will ever share the same right combination of passion, fearlessness and skills that intertwined between the 2 personas in the movie with any of the blogs/sites that I refer to now.

At least I try. That’s the most important.




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