Travel in style

Travelling in style. What does it mean to u?

For me, it’s not about what u wear or what u carry that determines your style. I believe that a person decking in exterior items that may cost a fortune need not necessarily be stylish in their manners/disposition. And I have seen aunties carrying themselves with e most graceful disposition despite carrying loads of heavy bags.

That’s something that I can never achieve. Just this morning trip to the pd reinforced the fact that I can’t seem to juggle a baby, a bag, a baby sweater and a water bottle out of e cab with ease. Sweating under my arms and whole load of water beads over my face was what i felt even in air-conditioned envt.

I found it super tough to carry Eli out of the cab plus the constant memory of having to drag my bag out. All these plus trying to hold on to the change…praying that I come out of the cab in 1 piece and quick enough b4 the driver swears.

It’s amazing how those women do it! Of course that’s excluding women with maids/helpers. Those, anyone can travel in glam with e maid/helper carrying all their baggage. Some even treat their own parents as helpers! On that topic, I totally can write another post. Sad cases that their own children become baggages themselves!

Anyways, uncle Markie ever told me to do 1 thing at a time. There was no need to please the taxi driver, no need to rush for time but it’s just in me to want to do things fast and quick and ultimately save time!

Travel in style is so not me. Yet I aspire 1 day to be able to tow everything and have not a single hair out of place.

Till that day, I will practice!


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