Music is really 1 way to bond people.

I really witnessed it through the busking activities in school. It’s amazing how children of different abilities can sing the same song, appreciate similar tunes and understand how to play an instrument despite their handicap in reading notes. 

I also get to be on the same level as the children. Makes me feel super young. Listening to what they listen, see the same video clips as them and appreciate their singers/songs. Am in-tune! 

These past 2 years journey of having the opportunity to share the different music remix I enjoyed with these children. Gorgeous! 

Playing boomwhackers, handbells, resonator bells, different percussion instruments and revising all the different performance directions/activities with the children – Blast of a time. 

As I am typing this blog entry, am listening to the different mashups on youtube. Best companion ever. 

It’s amazing just the way I am and living just a dream in reality without a price tag where everything is right round. Perfect!

All the crazy renditions (Chinese/English) on screen and off screen. Absolutely terrific! 

It’s gonna be a sad departure but will definitely be one of a hell memory. 


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