Haven update lately.  Nov was a super busy month. Apart from work, it was a whole load of planning for e dec trip, going for bb showers, racking my brains on gifts…bitching around, surfing on e latest tech, getting a phone replacement, taking care of sick eli & cooking! Amidst all, catching up on all my dramas plus readings took easily all my time.

There’s so much to share that I have no idea what and where to start.  so here’s stream of consciousness acting once more.

Typing on my note3 is such a pleasure to my eyes. Inspired & influenced by ‘e heirs’, e way artistes used the phone w such style definitely got me thinking of getting a note! It’s fated when 2 Saturdays back, my iphone screen was shattered to pieces by a mere drop on e concrete floor.  I would think gorilla glass is better than that. Anyway, thanks to my forever sponsor uncle markie, I have e honour of getting a new phone 🙂 aigatou once again. It’s great that your lover cut bestie can triple up as a great atm! *winks*

And holidays won’t b holidays if eli dun fall sick. He has a habitual way of ‘robbing’ my holidays by getting me to spend more time w him through doc visits.  This time round, eli had to take 2 antibiotics to fight 2 types of bacteria in him. With e recovery checkup, a whole of nubeulizers is required. At this point, I wanna say…

             ‘Dear Eli, mummy loves u enough to spend time during e hols w u wo e germs, bacteria and viruses.  Am sure u will prefer us to enjoy quality time @ many other places than spend it w Dr Angs! Sigh.’

Back to reality. It’s interesting to go around every IT shop in heartland tampines to sell away my broken iphone & Asus transformer pad. The value in tech drops like no one’s biz. Wonder how long we can upkeep w e onslaught of new models, new looks and refurbished interiors of every gadget we have at home.

Happy to b spending time w uncle markie @ various fave coffee joints. Sadly, tea dot in nex is gone. GONE! No more oolong yuzu tea though that’s something that I can replicate at home. It’s just different.

Another update in my life is the constant nagging thought of what next year will bring for me & my family. I am finally going NIE! UBBER happy. Yet, I am quite tired thinking of the travelling time. Worried on how to cook and pick eli up after school as well. Really praying that the timing permits. I can’t totally depend on my parents or parents in law nor hire a maid just for half a year. A parent’s responsibility just have to include taking care of your own kids & hubby’s tummy yourself. Isn’t that a happier family? All I can hope is everything turns out well.

Some recent incidents did irk me. I do not know why some people just feel that status is everything.  Can’t they understand that albeit a small act, they pose a nuisance to others w their seriously egoistic behaviour. I know it took them hard work to earn a title. That amount of respect I give to them . However, progress w times. U want respect, earn it. Not through making snide remarks and making others feel like u are so ‘big’ & others are minions.

I was just pondering over how much people love to say life is indeed unfair. Do they realise that that’s totally true BUT they do not have to b the one who makes it unfair. Otherwise dun bother preaching this coz it just means ‘aren’t u a 2-face idiot?’ Just saying.

Life goes on and I am so happy to see hdb posting a large scale sale of balance and bto flats. Though I am not eligible.  It’s hope for moving! Can’t wait for e 5th year tenure to b up. Then we can plan a move! I heart renovation!

I am geared up for amore exercise mentally but physically I am still not there. 1 yoga session caused me body aches. Real hardcore body aches. Think I need more massage sessions. and pampering sessions when eli is better.

Above randomness seemed to b how my blog is taking shape. Lol.


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