The art of nua-ing

Every holiday trip I took since 19years of age was filled with a great goal of covering a packed itinerary to make the most out of every trip. Its literally making every $ of the airfare counts.

2013 last trip of the year- koh samui. It was an eye opener as to how holidays could be spend. It doesn’t need any zipping around from one state to another.  It doesnt need any planned activities to make the holiday an adventure. Even the usual grip downtown to do grocery shopping is just a time filler. It used to b a great deal. Lol. All the necessary ingredients required for a great relaxing vacation are sun, sand, sea.

Met many other tourists here from Germany to France and their ability to sit by the pool the whole day, from an occasional splash in the pool, sunbathing to purely reading a book made the whole scene idyllic, wanting. Its not in my nature to laze the whole day but they made it looked desirable.

Looking at many families just like ours playing by the beach, listening to the constant gentle sound waves, sniffing the occasional whiff of bbq meats fanned slyly by the vendor to our direction,  snacking on roasted seaweed and having hands busy juggling with magazines all while lying on the beach chair soaking in the terrific sun. Contement.

The art of nua-ing really comes from the frame of mind. I sat in the son looking at eli and uncle markie playing sand and really thanked my lucky stars. Life aint perfect. Nonetheless,  being able to not slog every moment; enjoy simple peaceful times and having serene thoughts, its a pleasure.

Best part. My damn round figure which I tend to b so conscious about in sg is something for once I dun mind parading about here. Who cares for fat arms, thick legs and no waist? Most importantly, through the act of nua-ing, I accepted who I really am. I never once thought bout it but I do like who I truly am. Albeit peppered with unkind words, a dash of stubborn streak, entertained dark and dirty thoughts. At least that bit I am true, real and I feel.

A good ole holiday to end the year. Gotta keep more of such coming.

Pics of the fantabulicious vacation will be posted later. After the mastery,  the art of nua-ing must b practiced.

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