Great Month of December

Apart from the jolly christmas spirit in the air, this month was filled with loads of Holidays, laughter, presents, meetups and definitely great eats.

Zoo trip was in the pipeline prior to the Koh Samui trip and it was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I meant going anywhere with your in-laws do require some form of mental preparation as you never know what kind of questions or what impressions you might set along the way. Yes, even after you are married, in-laws’ varied impressions of you do matter. The zoo trip was fine since it only took us half a day before we escaped to the malls for lunch and respite from the rain. Not my first trip to the zoo definitely. Just that this time round, the animals do look lethargic and old. For the first time, I actually felt that ‘Hey, these are creatures that grew with me!’ I have seen them since I was probably 6? And now, they are still on display. What a job!’ It’s quite sad actually. Then again, looking at Eli’s expressions when viewing the animals = priceless. Animals just have that magical effect on kids.

Upon returning home from my ever-so-wonderful holiday in Koh Samui…was attending a friend’s engagement party. It’s the first time me attending a malay engagement party. Honestly, despite me staying in Singapore all my life….I know so little of the other races’ culture and traditions. If not for this teaching job, I would not have met so many great people of different ethnicity and them giving me the opportunity in sharing their culture and tradition. Not to sound bitter nor elite. I have been surrounded by mainly Chinese throughout my life. Even in my previous workplaces, any people of different ethnicity ended up being Americanized. All I could say was the engagement party was a blast! 🙂 Filled with lots of stuff which I obviously like a turtle…have not seen before and thanks to the awesome gals who did not mind answering my endless questions albeit sounding rude at times. I love the whole affair to bits. Summing up in 3 words.

Simple. Homely. Genuine.

In the midst of all these fun and last min gatherings, the SNG family….basically uncle markie, me and Eli…started our own Xmas tradition. Uncle markie had been planning for ages. It was finally the time for execution! Socks were up, mini xmas tree was up, cookies bought & of course the endless amount of pressies. Being the online shopaholic me, I bought Eli his Elmo lego set, uncle markie’s polo tee and his pair of shoes. On top of that, it was filling up Eli’s socking with loads of small treats & toys, a jigsaw set, getting uncle markie’s card holder and his Eau De Toilette spray. We also played a mini secret santa with the babes and hoping to get our wish list fulfilled. On hindsight it was $$$$$$$$$$$$$ down somewhere….

Xmas also included watching a xmas show on xmas eve with cookies and milk laid out for Santa. As you would have guess. The milk ended up drunk by Eli and the cookies went into mine and uncle markie’s tummies. Yum Yum! Sadly, I did not even have the time to take those pics. All I thought of was the tiredness felt after so many days of enjoyment and how rusty my brain has become. Comfort was taken by looking at all the pics + the amount of pressies I got. Thanks to all my Santanas + Santas. Merry Xmas & hohoho.

School officially starts on the 6th Jan for me. I doubt my old rusty brain can fit in as fast as the other children in town. I do not aim for distinction (of course!). A happy pass will do for me. There’s been this nagging feeling recently on whether Eli or my kids in the future will ever look down on my occupation. I do not know why I have that thought nor why I am so affected. Think I am very ingrained into the stupid Asian thinking of pride. Of course I am not saying that being a teacher is not a reputable profession. It’s just not as glam.

Though the recent gatherings made me realised that many directors out there depend on domestic helpers and parents to take care of their children. They are very happy to be weekend parents, enjoying the freedom they have in exchange with the time that they could have spend with their kids. So their outlet of caring for their children is to put them in enrichment classes, tuition classes, splurging on gifts and giving in to their whims. Through the whatever teaching experience I have, I feel for these parents. They are raising their kids to desert themselves in the future and by that time, these adults have no reasons to convince their own children to cherish them. No teacher can take over the role of a parent and yet many parents feel that the teacher is obliged to instill values in their own children when they have none. Society is so screwed up at times.

On a happy note, it’s going to be NEW YEAR soon! I cant wait for 2014.

Will share my new year resolutions then.

Xmas Celebration Pics


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