“What’s your job?”
“Digital planner!”
“Wow..what’s that? What do u do?”

Common conversation topic of the past where people are actually interested in my job. They wanna know what I am doing exactly.

“What’s your job?”
“Oh, primary or secondary?”

Now, everyone isn’t interested in what I do. Maybe they know what I am doing. Prior to coming into this industry I thought I know what teaching is as well. How tough can it b teaching children who knows nothing. Adults are more pain in e arse to deal w in comparison.

Now I know better. It’s not that it’s a difficult to-b-in industry. It isn’t. It’s just that people deemed the profession of teaching too simple. So they decided to toughen it up and pile on roles to justify e civil svs pay. Outcome?! It’s tough to be great researchers, qualified educators, trained safety officers, competent nannies, professional time jugglers, 24/7 event planners, executive peer managers and maybe other what’s not.

Having e privilege to study, take a break not a bad idea.

Being a mum cum student. ..errr. ..just happy that I can keep parts of my sanity while having to travel to e other side of e island everyday.

Need to really just enjoy e moment.

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