Before you know it…

CNY is approaching!!!!! OMG!

Jan is a period of exciting & excruciating times.

To travel to the west side of Singapore everyday is a total pain.

Doing assignments every other day is something that I do not look forward to. No inspiration. No mood.

Listening to interesting lecturers and gaining new knowledge, meeting new mates…life is quite fulfilling.

On top of that, having to celebrate Eli’s 2nd year on earth, seeing him grow and loving play everyday does make my life feel better.

Attending parties, gatherings also add on to the ever exciting times in my life. Nothing special but it’s the little things that count.

Spending tons of $$ prior, making grocery lists, doing household chores…life becomes very packed & positive.

Making effort to go amore in spite of all…Mega achievement.

Before you know it? It will be end of the year and me approaching the big O 29. Last year of the twenties. Till then, I really hope to drop 20 (kg). hahahaha


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