Writing here has been e last thing on my mind with Feb and March being jam packed with grammar tests and never ending assignments, lectures and tutorials….last count…I have 5 grp projects and 18 indiv assignments waiting for me to complete as of today. Sigh…everyday I sleep an average of 4-5 hrs. Deprived.

Eli as usual fell ill again. It’s his monthly ritual it seems. This time round I really have my parents to thank as they helped me take care of eli freeing me to still go to sch and picking him up when my classes end late. Compared to those who have in laws or own parents to help look after their children…This type of occasional help to me is cherished more than ever. It’s taxing to prepare dinner, sch items for my child, studying, assignments and taking a bit of effort to b a wife…I wonder how I do it sometimes.

Despite the business, managed to squeeze in trips to zoo and river safari plus gatherings w my most missed mates. Lovely.

Best part bout sch? Passed my grammar test. Now can move on to other stuff. E process of knowing more people in depth is greatly cherished as well. Since becoming a mum…I have been lamenting how small my social circle has become. Now I have e opportunities to meet many peeps, down to earth peeps! People who dun hanker after brands or fame…just simple beings who enjoy simple things in life. Truly amazing.

After knowing what is like to learn a profession.  It’s really different from e corporate world. Lots of acronyms, jargons that academia created (which seems to me a mean to justify their job) to confuse and trying hard to convince others.

Nonetheless, enjoy e moment I must.

Took loads of pics…will post them up if time permits. And urrgh on top of this. ..i have another blog (aka e portfolio) I must update constantly for practicum.  Words words words. Zzzzz

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